Cladding, Soffit & Fascia Cleaning | Get 10% Off Your First Clean | Shiners
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Cladding & Soffits

Cladding Cleaning

Has your building’s cladding become sullied over time? We provide a comprehensive cladding cleaning service to wash away any dirt and grime caused by oxidisation. If you’re looking for 10% off your first cladding clean, we offer this discount to any new clients for each of our services! Get in touch today.


Soffits and Guttering Cleaned

Blocked or dirty guttering? You need the Shiners team to help you out! Thanks to the health and safety guys keeping us on our toes, we have invested in a top of the range Gutter Vac System, with inspection camera and monitor, so we can clean your gutters from the safety of the ground!


 A powerful vacuum unit combines with lightweight poles to allow efficient cleaning up to  3 storeys high from ground level.


The carbon fibre composite poles we use are light and extremely strong allowing us to reach the most difficult of locations. Up to 25% lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections, our poles allow for greater manoeuvrability and mean less muscle fatigue. Learn more about our gutter cleaning here.